NABOOH, makes the best of two complementary disciplines applicable for you. With mind, hand and heart.


YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, do you want to take advantage of the signs of the times and further expand your market presence? How do you know about the possibilities of modern networking and would you like to integrate your customer base more directly into the value chain? Do you want your customers to benefit as much as your own organization?

Then we are your partner who ensures reliable connections to customers and suppliers with consistent «end-to-end» solutions. Solutions that scale, are cost-efficient and at the same time withstand the increasing audit requirements.

WHAT WE DO. Together with our customers, we accompany them on their path when it comes to adjusting or realigning the traditional business model.

As a partner, we will work together to find the paths that suit your individual situation and that will bring you forward decisively. Our interdisciplinary team is also at your side during the transformation and ensures the transfer of knowledge as required.


YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, that’s why you are looking for a competent partner when it comes to the professional use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Public Cloud ECO systems.

You would like to incorporate topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into your existing process environment in a usable and beneficial way.

You can imagine that corresponding BOT services could relieve you of repetitive but not less demanding work. They strive to ensure that the proportion of dark processing can be increased sustainably.

Then we are the preferred partner who, together with you, makes these topics applicable in your individual environment.

OUR OFFER FOR YOU. You choose from our portfolio of existing BOT services or we will create the corresponding specific services for you.

Our industry-neutral portfolio of AI Service includes different versions of BOTs, which are designed for the interpretation of images, PDFs or emails.

For the industry: Insurance & Broker as well as Automotive, we have predefined BOT portolios ready for you.

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