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THE TECHNOLOGIES around Artificial Intelligence (AI) encapsulated in self-learning BOTs and made available for everyday use cases. This is our passion.

WHAT HAS CHANGED? The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long since established itself quickly and unnoticed in our private lives in various forms. Be it in the autopilot in our Tesla or in products such as the Google Dot or Alexa from Amazon, which, for example, control the home automation at your home.

Today, even IKEA offers devices to connect via AI-supported systems (e.g. Google or Apple) to intelligent light sources, the «smart SONOS» sound systems or your roller blinds as part of its home automation. These devices can be controlled by self-trained voice commands or interpret your personal gestures. Everything at fair and affordable prices.

ARE YOU USING AI TECHNOGLIES IN THE COMPANY? Are you thinking of using these technologies profitably in your company? For this purpose, have you developed the idea of expanding your own process chains with intelligent BOTs in a well-directed manner? BOTs that are combined according to your specific needs in such a way that they generate the greatest benefit even under load?

The implementation should take place seamlessly, without the need for a complete redesign of your processes and IT landscape. You want an overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of these intelligent BOTs at all times. This means that you want a solid audit trail that withstands internal quality control and an external audit.

We are your competent partner for these and related topics.

Generating benefits for insurers, brokers and other related industries

Under the Label of BOTS4ME®, a NABOOH brand, we have already developed a handful of useful AI-supported BOTs that provide excellent services to our customers in various industries and on a wide variety of topics. Daily, tireless and self-learning are their basic characteristics.

For example, in the form of the «CONTENT CRAWLER» , which recognizes and interprets the contents of documents of all kinds e.g. the insurance industry. The content of the documents is automatically fed to the various «use cases» of the customer. Thus, this information is not only prepared for the archive, but the relevant information flows directly into your Line of Business (LoB) applications, for instance to your CRM or ERP via REST API. For example, open items in financial accounting are automatically balanced or feedback on open claims is monitored. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

A BOT from BOTS4ME takes over the semantic control e.g. of the premium invoice, which is still checked manually in many cases. Our BOTs read the content from PDF, which is delivered, for example, via the Swiss Post’s E-Post service. Electronic connections (DXP; Data Exchange Protocol) such as those of the EcoHub of IG B2B, the association of insurers and brokers in Switzerland, are also supported. Of course, other information sources and file stores can also be used as a source.

These and other examples of BOTs from BOTS4ME help broker employees to optimize otherwise time-consuming processes and improve quality. Fewer errors, shorter lead times at a low cost are the positive results.

They all use the qualified extraction and validation of content from images or provided PDF documents. With the usage of our BOTs‘ Services, our customers have significantly increased automated and unattended data processing, while at the same time reduced effort and optimized quality. A measurable success with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Combining the best attributes from well-known products

Our BOTs are designed in a way such that they can be seamlessly integrated into familiar and daily used environments. Who doesn’t use a browser like Chrome, Egde or Firefox for their daily work these days? Probably everyone. That is why we have developed an extension for your popular browser, within which you can use all features via drag and drop.

It is therefore clear that a Microsoft O365 or Microsoft TEAMS integration should not be missing. Our BOTs can also be used in these environments. It is therefore obvious that the BOTS4ME admin panel is available as an app for TEAMS.

These are just a few examples of how we define integration and have implemented it for our customers and their customers.

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